History of 700 West Mountain Avenue

The Building now occupied by the Traditional Chinese Medical Clinic was built in 1903 as a corner grocery store.  The cost of construction was $2,040.00.  Elihu Ellis and his father, J.A. Ellis, bought the building and started the Westside Grocery on October 1st, 1908 and ran the business for over 44 years.  Rolland Ellis, Elihu’s brother, joined the business in June of 1919.  Elihu hired a clerk named Clifford Cable in 1917 who ran the store and made deliveries.  Clifford Cable was Janna Pijoan’s grandfather.  He remained working at the grocery when Elihu retired and passed the store on to his son-in-law Charles L. Bishop and Raymond Kamm, Mr. Bishop’s brother in law, on February 1st, 1953.

Clifford Cable often made deliveries in a horse drawn wagon and, once at the customer’s house, would take the groceries in and put them away.  The old grocery had gas lights and during the time Clifford worked there the floor was replaced three times due to being worn through.

After the Westside Grocery finally was closed, the building went through several hands and was occupied by various businesses.  It was a real estate office, republican headquarters, candy store, massage school, rape crisis center, doctor’s office, etc.  The Food Coop occupied the building in the 1970’s before moving to its present location on East Mountain Ave.  Janna and Olivario Pijoan rented the building in 1999 when they moved their business, The Traditional Chinese Medical Clinic, Inc. from New Mexico to Fort Collins.  Several years later they purchased the property and ran the clinic until April 2015.  Today, Dayna and Monique Larson continue to run the the Traditional Chinese Medical clinic, Inc. in the same historic building.