Top 3 Reasons to take Huáng Qí


Huáng Qí is the Chinese name for astragalus root. It translates as “Yellow Superior” which reveals its ability to tonify the Earth element- the Spleen and Stomach.


1. Huáng Qí is best known for its immune boosting properties. Huáng Qí augments the protective qi and stabilizes the exterior by strengthening the Lungs. When the Lungs are deficient, there may be spontaneous or excessive sweating, shortness of breath or frequent colds. For this reason, Huáng Qí may be taken preventatively throughout the flu season.


2. Huáng Qí tonifies the qi and blood which can become depleted for many reasons including poor digestion and blood loss.


3. Huáng Qí tonifies the Spleen and raises the yang. Spleen deficiency may present with a lack of appetite, fatigue or diarrhea. Yang sinking can manifest as prolapse or excessive uterine bleeding.


There are many additional reasons to take Huáng Qí.  This beneficial herb can be found in many forms. Our favorite ways to take it are as a medicinal tea and in our bone broth.