Booking and Rates

Initial New Patient

Consult & Acupuncture: 90min-$119    Pediatric Treatment (0-12y/o): 60min-$119                                                                                    Herbal Consult: 60min-$91                   Pediatric Herbal (0-12y/o): 60min-$91                                                                                              Tui Na: 60min-$95                    

Established Patient

              Acupuncture: 60min-$91                         Pediatic Treatment: 30min-$91                
              Herbal Consult: 30min-$50                    Limited Herbal Consult: 15min-$26              
Tui Na: 60min-$95
             Tui Na: 30min: $50             


                                      Applicable after Initial Intake and Treatment                                            6 Treatment Wellness Package $480         12 Treatment Wellness Package $900     (not valid with any other discounts)

Seniors, Students AND Military receive a $7 discount on their first treatment,
and A $6 discount on Follow-up treatments.

We accept all major credit cards EXCEPT

American Express.

We do not accept insurance directly, 
but will provide an itemized superbill for reimbursment.

Payment is expected at the time of service.