Booking and Rates

Initial New Patient

Consult & Acupuncture: 90min-$119    Pediatric Treatment (0-12y/o): 60min-$119                                                                                    Herbal Consult: 60min-$91                   Pediatric Herbal (0-12y/o): 60min-$100

Consult with Cupping/Gua Sha: $91                                                                                             Tui Na: 60min-$95

Injection Therapy: 60min-$170                   

Established PatienT:

Acupuncture: 60min-$91                          Pediatric Treatment: 30min-$50                
  Herbal Consult: 30min-$50                    

Cupping/Gua Sha: 30min- $50              
Tui Na: 60min-$95
 Tui Na: 30min: $50

Injection Therapy: 30min $120

B-12 Shot: $30            

Membership PACKAGES

 Applicable after Initial Intake and Treatment  

Acute: 6 Treatment Package…. $510 (Acupuncture Only)       

Balance: 12 Hours of Chinese Medical Care/year………. $80/mon.   

Nurture: 24 Hours of Chinese Medical Care/year….. $156/mon.

Thrive: 36 Hours of Chinese Medical Care/year….. $225/mon.

(Chinese Medical Care includes: acupuncture, herbal consults, cupping, gua sha & moxa)

Seniors,CollegE Students AND Military receive a $7 discount on their first treatment,
and A $6 discount on Follow-up treatments.

(No Discounts on Established Herbal Consults, Tai Na, Cupping or Injection Therapy)

We accept all major credit cards EXCEPT

American Express.

We do not accept insurance directly, 
but will provide an itemized superbill for reimbursment.

Payment is expected at the time of service.