“I have been enjoying the skilled healing work from Dayna, for at least two years now. Everyone at TCM is very loving and considerate! I highly recommend, to anyone looking for a truly great way of experiencing better health, then this is the place to visit! Thank you all, so much!” -R.S.

“In previous times I had not considered acupuncture. However, the weekly treatment provided by Dayna of TCM over some two years has been most satisfactory. It is always proffered in a most friendly and caring fashion.” -MJE

“All TCM is super friendly, knowledgeable & helpful. I have worked with Monique & Korin extensively. What I liked most is their sincere willingness to listen & support me on my holistic wellness journey not just through acupuncture. In fact, ALL Staff have given me great advice, contacts & other helpful information. I attribute part of my success with self care & health goals to them. I’ve shed much weight, reduced much stress, sleeping much better & improved my lifestyle with their support & encouragement!” -C.J.

“The level of expertise, caring, and personal attention that I have received at the TCM Clinic is second to none! Their holistic approach to treatment has helped me remain healthy and balanced. For 4 years, I have been seeing Monique for acupuncture and Chinese herbs (for thyroid and hormone issues). She always takes the time to listen, is insightful, intuitive, and empathetic, and she has an endearing sense of humor. I have also seen Dayna for Tui Na massage therapy, which has been an invigorating, wonderfully effective complement to chiropractic care. The entire staff at the TCM Clinic is so kindhearted, accommodating, and knowledgeable. I recommend them most highly!” -K.P.

“I have been a patient at TCM for 6 years so I have gotten to know the whole team very well and I just want to say they are PHENOMENAL! The team uses their expertise as well as their compassion to help their patients feel good. I originally started acupuncture because of horrible back problems. I was seeing a chiropractor a couple times a week and still having excruciating pain. I finally gave into trying acupuncture and within a short couple of weeks I no longer needed to get adjusted at the chiropractor. The team has helped me with a plethora of issues over the years including back pain, sleep quality, depression, energy, acne, colds and flus and digestion issues. They have improved my quality of life so much. They empower me with tools and resources to take control over my health. I no longer use prescription or OTC drugs. If I or my family get sick we use Chinese herbs to feel better without the terrible side effects of medication. Every visit I have leaves me at peace. My son is a typical teenager with acne, they found some foods he was allergic to and gave him herbs to help his acne as well as his stomach issues. I feel confident as a mom that he is in the best hands. I do not have to worry about his future health because I know the herbs are so much better for him than prescriptions or chemicals for his face. If you’re looking for a wonderful place for health and well being, look no more. I will be a client for life!” -M.R.