The Four Pillars of Destiny


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Chinese Elemental Astrology

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Chinese Elemental Astrology is the study of the influences of the Five Elements at the exact moment you took your first breath. Your unique Four Pillars of Destiny contain 8 characters. These characters are your code- like DNA, that reveal your personality, constitution, and who you are mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

The Five Elements

The Five Elements are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. These elements are all around us. Imagine a forest. You may see trees (Wood), the sun (Fire), the soil (Earth), rocks within the earth that contain ore (Metal) and a river (Water). Just as each element has unique qualities and roles to play in keeping the forest balanced, in our individual ecosystem, each element needs to be balanced for a healthy body, mind and spirit. 

The Five Elements are primary energies that we receive at our time of birth. These energies continue to influence us in our daily lives. Each element has corresponding physical characteristics, personality traits, strengths and challenges that shape us and our way of being in the world.

What You Will Learn

You will discover your Master Element which is the central point of your Four Pillars. This Element greatly influences your personality, health and temperament above all others. The remaining 7 characters are your influential Elements. They are given meaning based on their relationship to your Master Element.

Knowing your Master and influential Elements will give you clarity and insights into yourself and your life path. This information will empower you to utilize your strengths and give you clarity of and compassion for your challenges.

We will also explore your dynamic chart. This is your lifetime progression, the flow of your life marked by ten year increments. We will look at the elements as they influence your flow and see when elemental transitions take place. This will provide you with a deeper understanding of how to follow your life flow and prepare for changes.

Furthermore, I will offer health, food and lifestyle recommendations to support your elements and bring greater balance and harmony to your life.

In future sessions, we may go deeper and examine personal and professional relationships, as well as newborns, children and family dynamics. We can also evaluate seasonal and annual shifts, and major life decisions.

Chart Reading and Consult

Duration: 60 minutes

In Person, or via FaceTime, Skype or Phone: $120

About Me

My name is Korin Owens. I am a licensed acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist. I began learning Chinese Elemental Astrology from my teacher Dr. Tan in 2008 and have been practicing ever since.

My intention is to clearly and meaningfully present your Four Pillars of Destiny, giving you the opportunity to accept and embrace your many gifts and challenges. My hope is that these insights will bring you joy and fulfillment on your life path.


If you are interested in an Elemental Astrology reading, please contact me at (970) 443-5314.